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Mythology by Stephen Shropshire

Stephen Shropshire’s thought-provoking Mythology is a mesmerising work complemented by Frederic Rzewski’s Coming Together, an avant-garde composition for piano, jazz ensemble and spoken word.

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Water Stories

Water Stories by Stephen Petronio

Inspired by the magical waterscapes of Wales, Stephen Petronio’s Water Stories is a stylish and lyrical dance set to a dynamic new score from Grammy and Academy Award-winning composer Atticus Ross.

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Purlieus by Lee Johnston

Purlieus is the result of a three year research, development and refinement process between NDCWales House Choreographer Lee Johnston and Lighting Designer Joe Fletcher. Through exploring the relationship between movement, light and animation they have created an immersive experience for both performer and audience. The light and animation moves with, encloses, reaches out to and dances independently of the performer. It creates particular perceptual experiences for the audience which are suggestive of both the performer's journey and the boundaries they are confined to; their purlieus.

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They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem

They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem by Lee Johnston

NDCWales House Choreographer Lee Johnston and Lighting Designer Joe Fletcher have used existing forms of choreography, lighting and costume design to create a duet exploring dislocation and separation within a relationship. Elements from classic love stories, famous dance partnerships and traditional theatre lighting are all present within the work but have been updated with a contemporary interpretation. The source material was specifically chosen from popular culture so the interplay between memory and the present add to the experience of the observer and serves to emphasise the theme of dislocation.

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Dream by Christopher Bruce CBE

In Dream renowned choreographer Christopher Bruce creates a sublimely humorous work in honour of the 2012 Olympics. With witty references to both sporting competition and Jubilee celebrations past and present, it creates a relationship with the art of dance and celebrates the sheer enjoyment of highly physical movement in all its forms.

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