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Walking Mad

Walking Mad by Johan Inger

Johan Inger’s Walking Mad, is a riveting piece of dance for nine dancers, full of wit and laced with an unsettling edge of madness. Set to the driving, rousing sounds of Ravel’s Bolero, as well as music by minimalist master Arvo Pärt, the work holds audiences gripped throughout.

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Tuplet by Alexander Ekman

Tuplet is a swift, pulsating 18-minute tour de force for six dancers. Utilizing a score created in collaboration with the dancers’ own rhythmic impulses and employing their individual bodies as percussion instruments, the soundscape is integrated with original electronic music composed by Mikael Karlsson. “I’m attempting to find a fraction of an answer to an extremely large question: What is rhythm? In my world of music and dance this theme is a huge challenge and continual exploration for me. Tuplet endeavors to understand a small fragment of this quest,” Ekman says

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Mythology by Stephen Shropshire

Stephen Shropshire’s Mythology is set to an avant-garde composition for piano, jazz ensemble and spoken word, and features powerful group movement sequences that are crafted to mind boggling detail, with a genius of construction.

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Purlieus by Lee Johnston

Lee Johnston’s Purlieus, created in collaboration with lighting designer Joe Fletcher combines movement, light and animation to draw the audience in to what’s happening on stage as an immersive experience.

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They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem

They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem by Lee Johnston

They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem is an exploration of the separation and disconnection that can occur within a relationship. It uses reconfigured snippets of imagery from popular culture that connect with us all on a subconscious level.

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Water Stories

Water Stories by Stephen Petronio

Inspired by the magical waterscapes of Wales, Stephen Petronio’s Water Stories is a stylish and lyrical dance set to a dynamic new score from Grammy and Academy Award-winning composer Atticus Ross.

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Dream by Christopher Bruce CBE

In Dream renowned choreographer Christopher Bruce creates a sublimely humorous work in honour of the 2012 Olympics. With witty references to both sporting competition and Jubilee celebrations past and present, it creates a relationship with the art of dance and celebrates the sheer enjoyment of highly physical movement in all its forms.

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