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Spring@DanceHouse: Lui & Artemis - Prototype Status


Lui & Artemis
Prototype Status (Switzerland)

Saturday 20 May 7.30pm
Sunday 21 May 2.00pm




They are the sum of what they have lived.

Performed by two dancers ages 65+, Lui & Artemis is the paradoxical journey of an elderly couple, who feel younger at heart in their now worn-out bodies than they could have ever been during their first embrace.

Their minds are turned towards the past and the future at the same time, whilst their bodies are stuck in the present moment.

Why we love this:
Having seen several of Jasmine Morand’s creations I have been particularly struck by Lui & Artemis. Both performers are mature artists who have enjoyed successful careers as professional dancers; this duet oozes honesty, beauty and sensitivity. I was excited to invite the company in conjunction with our Gwanwyn festival celebrations and to enable them to also share their process with others through workshops in colaberation with Age Cymru.

Caroline Finn – Artistic Director NDCWales




Find out about our over 50's workshops with Prototype Status here

90 minute workshop followed by refreshments and the performance of Lui &Artemis 20 & 21 May. £12.50





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20 May 7.30pm 21 May 2.00pm
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