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“The workshop was fantastic. The students all really concentrated and the feedback today is how much they enjoyed it.”

Aberdeen College

“The children loved the workshop and loved the fact that they knew part of the dance that was to be performed. They enjoyed performing their dances and really worked hard. The performance we thought was spectacular! The children were mesmerised throughout. It really inspired the children, so much so that we are going to develop the work they did in the workshop to create our own version to perform to the rest of the school. Thanks again for a lovely experience.”

Whitestone Primary School, Swansea


Dance and dancing is for everyone and now your group has the opportunity to be part of a fun and creative workshop led by our talented, skilled and professional company dancers.

Our dance workshops are ideal for all ages as a fun and engaging way to develop confidence, communication, creativity, critical thinking and improve cultural awareness.

Our workshops can be tailored to your groups needs, abilities, age and interest  and can be delivered at your school or choice of venue. We can run workshops for up to 90 minutes and make them bespoke to your groups needs. A standard workshop includes:

  • Warm up session which is relevant to the level of curriculum or area of study or interest.
  • Learn a piece of dance.
  • Q and A with the dancers - ask questions, and find out more about dance

Workshops are led by NDCWales’ skilled, professional company dancers.

On tour we also offer workshop and performance ticket packages which vary in price depending on venue.

You get the chance to see the  dancers perform in our triple bill of exhilarating and engaging dance:

Walking Mad - The rousing sounds of Ravel’s Bolero drives Johan Inger’s delightful Walking Mad along a colourful and theatrical dance journey.  The dancers play and dance around a moving wall that adds a surprising presence on stage.  It’s funny, with bags of character and packs a mighty emotional punch.

A Mighty Wind - NDCWales presents the world premiere of A Mighty Wind, by Jeroen Verbruggen, one of Europe’s most exciting choreographers. This high energy, vibrant piece captures the intensity of nature’s elements during a storm, set against the power generated by an alternative rock music concert.

Tuplet - Alexander Ekman’s Tuplet, is a witty and high octane exploration of the simple notion of rhythm. The dancers’ breath and bodies create a powerful drumming soundtrack, combined with pounding electronic accompaniment, as well as the familiar and evocative jazz sounds of ‘Fly me to the Moon’. This fierce physicality combines with joyful, carefree dance that really shows off the personality and virtuosity of the dancers.

Cost and Bookings:
Workshops can be tailored to your groups needs and can last between 60-90 minutes and delivered at your school or venue.

For further information and bookings please contact 029 2063 5600     Email: megan@ndcwales.co.uk


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