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Discover Dance 

Ideal for Ages 7 -11

Family Interactive matinees are a fun, engaging and creative way to introduce your family to dance.

As part of the Family Interactive Matinee you and your family get the chance to dance on stage with our dancers (not obligatory!), ask questions and learn excerpts of the Company’s show.

After the interval, the children will have the opportunity to watch our dancers perform Tuplet, which uses wit and meticulous use of rhythm and timing to create a fun and uplifting experience for everyone involved.

The dancers create their own percussive score which combines with an electronic soundscape featuring snippets of jazz and big band, meaning they can show off their versatility while projecting their individual personalities. The performance is followed by a Q&A session when the children can ask the dancers questions about the show, or their life as a dancer.

National Dance Company Wales’ Interactive Matinees are lively, open and relaxed and an interesting introduction to dance.




Interactive Matinee's are a fantastic introduction to dance for children and young people, and provide them with an opportunity to develop the following:-


  • special awareness
  • balance
  • self confidence
  • control

We have recieved fantastic feedback from teachers and parents

"Excellent value for money and a fabulous experience for staff and pupils alike"

"The students were both challenged and inspired"

"Students were challenged, tried something new, had fun and opened thier minds"