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Atalaÿ by Mario Bermudez Gil

Atalaÿ is a watch tower from which far off lands can be seen from four points; a contagious dance influenced by the warmth of the Mediterranean.

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Tundra by Marcos Morau

Tundra is a barren landscape where ultra-modern creativity blinks into life and tears pages from history books about Russian folk dance, the USSR and revolution. Marcos Morau’s bold style draws inspiration from art and cinema. Tundra takes old ideas and uses contemporary dance to give them renewed meaning.

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Profundis by Roy Assaf

Playful, vibrant and provocative. Profundis dares us to ask questions about what things are, and what they are not. Roy Assaf's thoughtful movement is accompanied by whimsical wordplay and an exotic soundtrack featuring Egypt's Umm Kulthum.

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The Green House

The Green House by Caroline Finn

Caroline Finn takes us on a nostalgic journey, asking us to peer into The Green House. On a twisted TV set, characters discover the fine line between fantasy and reality.

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Folk by Caroline Finn

Folk feature's Finn’s darkly comic expressions of life and people using her quirky and highly engaging choreographic style. Exploring themes of social dynamics, familiar and surreal scenes and characters come alive to an eclectic and enchanting musical landscape.

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They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem

They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem by Lee Johnston

They Seek To Find The Happiness They Seem is an exploration of the separation and disconnection that can occur within a relationship. It uses reconfigured snippets of imagery from popular culture that connect with us all on a subconscious level.

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A Mighty Wind

A Mighty Wind by Jeroen Verbruggen

NDCWales presents the world premiere of A Mighty Wind, by Jeroen Verbruggen, one of Europe’s most exciting choreographers. This high energy, vibrant piece captures the intensity of nature’s elements during a storm, set against the power generated by an alternative rock music concert.

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Tuplet by Alexander Ekman

Tuplet is a swift, pulsating 18-minute tour de force for six dancers. Utilising a score created in collaboration with the dancers’ own rhythmic impulses and employing their individual bodies as percussion instruments, the soundscape is integrated with original electronic music composed by Mikael Karlsson. “I’m attempting to find a fraction of an answer to an extremely large question: What is rhythm? In my world of music and dance this theme is a huge challenge and continual exploration for me. Tuplet endeavours to understand a small fragment of this quest” Ekman says

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